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Jennifer Higgins on Advocacy

​​The Government Affairs Institute - Congressional Operations Seminar

September 12 - 15, 2022

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Committee Hearings:

​​​​For legislative hearings:
- Energy and Commerce markup on many different opioid bills
- Also: a February 25, 2020 appropriations hearing on the FY2021 President’s HHS budget

For an oversight hearing:
- Dec. 3, 2019 SFRC hearing on CAATSA implementation and the utility of sanctions

For investigative hearings:
- October 23, 2019 House Financial Services hearing on Facebook
- And a July 1, 2020 HFAC hearing on China’s new security law in Hong Kong

For a confirmation hearing:
- May 27, 2021 confirmation hearing on the nominations of John K. Tien to be Deputy Secretary, DHS; Robert P. Silvers to be Under Secretary for Strategy, Policy, and Plans, DHS; and Jonathan E. Meyer to be General Counsel, DHS